Mixed Platter
including: Deep Fried Tiger Prawn, Falafel, Dolma, Chicken Borek.
Plus, Hummus and Baba Ganouj to share for the table.

Main Course

Lamb Moussaka
An oven-baked dish of layered potatoes and aubergines, minced lamb, separated by tomato, garlic and onion sauce then topped with béchamel sauce.

Charcoal Chilli  Kafta
Minced lamb with onions, fresh parsley and a mix of seven Mediterranean spices, topped in a chilli sauce.

Lamb Meatballs
Minced fillet of lamb slowly simmered with tomato sauce and stuffed with peanuts and aromatic spices.

Lamb Chops
Charcoal grilled lamb chops served with garlic butter or pepper sauce.

Chilli Chicken 
Grilled supreme chicken breast, served in a rich tomato, garlic and chilli sauce.

Chicken Skewers
Tender chicken fillet pieces marinated in garlic yoghurt and mixed spices.

Catch of the Day
Ask your server.

The traditional slow-simmering stew of aubergines, chickpeas, onions, fresh mint and tomato sauce.

Veggie Moussaka
Greek oven-baked dish composed of layered potatoes and aubergines. Separated by a tomato,garlic and onion sauce then topped with béchamel sauce.


Choice of our homemade fresh cakes or Tea/ Coffee

Lunch:                                           Dinner:

2-course meal – € 25.95                               €31.95  
3-course meal – € 27.95                               €33.95  


Party Policies

Parties of 50-60 avail of room exclusivity.
Keshk Cafe accommodates up to 50-60 guests in the function room.
If you would like to book a private party please call on 01 667 3002 or email us on

Service Charges Policy: With parties of 6 or more people, we do add a 12% service charge to your tables’ bill which goes 100% towards the staff that served you for all their hard work. Also, we cannot give individual bills to each person at a table, 1 bill per table makes it a lot easier for all of us at this busy time!

Bring Your Own Alcohol Policy: Should you feel like enjoying your fine Mediterranean dinner with a glass of wine/beer. Please feel free to bring your own bottle (no corkage, no extra charges). We only allow wine and beer on the premises.